Your truck signage is vital for safety and compliance

Good signage is vital so that you get from A to B without any drama.  With clear and quality signage your rig will be compliant and safe so that you arrive on time, hassle free.  Heavy Load, dangerous goods, wide load, we have them all, just call and let us know the type and size you need.

If you look over our signage information you will see a wide selection chart covering common types.  If you are not sure we have what you need just ask.  If we don’t have it we can get it for you, and fast too.  With 26+ years in the industry we know where to get great products to get you back on the road in a hurry.

Our stock

SIGN 2  Rear Marker Metal

SIGN 4 Rear Marker Sticker “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE” 400×400

SIGN 1  Rear Marker Metal

SIGN 3 Rear Marker Sticker Plain 400×400

SIGN 5 “DNOTV” 2 Piece Sticker 800×75

SIGN 6 “DNOTV” Alum 300×100 Class 1

SIGN 7 Striped Marker 750×215 Metal Pair

SIGN 9 Striped Marker 750×215 Sticker RHS

SIGN 8 Striped Marker 750×215 Sticker LHS

SIGN 10 Striped Marker 1070×150 Metal Pair

SIGN 11 StripedMarker 1070×150 Sticker LHS

SIGN 12 Striped Marker 1070×150 Sticker RHS

SIGN 13 Road Train Metal

SIGN 31 Road Train Banner 1200×300

SIGN 14  Road  Train Metal

SIGN 32 Road Train Sticker 600×300 2 Piece

SIGN 14-1 Holder for Road Train 2 piece

SIGN 15 Long Vehicle 1200×300 Metal

SIGN 16 Oversize Metal

SIGN 18 Oversize Fabric 1200×450

SIGN 17 Oversize 2 Piece Metal  1200×450

SIGN 19 Oversize Load Ahead  Double Sided

SIGN 20 Striped Marker 400×100 Class 1 LHS

SIGN 21 Striped Marker 400×100 Class1 RHS

SIGN 22 Striped Marker 600×150 Class 1 LHS

SIGN 23 Striped Marker 600×150 Class 1 RHS

SIGN 25 LHS Class 1 800×100

SIGN 26 RHS Class 1 800×100

SIGN 27 Center Class1 800×100

SIGN 24 Holder  Dangerous Goods Signs

SIGN 29 Cabpack Dangerous Goods

SIGN 28 EPG Holder

SIGN 30 Flip Over Kit Dangerous Goods Signs

SIGN 33 Rear Marker 300×300 Class 1

Signs are there for a reason so stay safe and call Tony’s Truck Parts Townsville.  Call now on 0747793822 or 0744487620.

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