Brake parts in stock for your truck

At Tony’s Truck Parts we know what parts most trucks need to stay on the road so we keep these in stock.  With heavy loads your brakes do a lot of work so they will wear out and need replacing.  We keep most Japanese truck brake parts in stock so you can drop in and grab them or we can express ship them anywhere in Australia.

We have years of experience in truck spare parts and can help you work out what parts you need to get your truck repaired.  If we don’t have the item you need, in stock, then we will quickly get it for you.  Our aim is to keep your truck on the road and earning money for you. If you are a regular truck parts buyer we can set up a trading account for you.  This makes ordering faster and easier and you can just pay your account at the end of the period instead of after every purchase.  This keeps your accounting simple too as you have less payments to keep track of.

Our stock

We regularly stock a number truck brake components including:


  • Wheel cylinder
  • Wheel cylinder kit
  • Wheel cylinder cup, boot, back washer
  • Wheel cylinder hand brake wedge & components
  • Brake hose
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Brake master cylinder kit

Brake – park brake

  • Park brake drum – transmission
  • Park brake lined shoe set
  • Park brake chamber
  • Park brake cable

Brake – exhaust brake

  • Exhaust brake valve
  • Exhaust brake operating cylinder
  • Exhaust brake chamber

Brake – general

  • Brake drum
  • Brake lining set
  • Bonded brake shoe set
  • Brake disc pad kit
  • Brake calliper repair kit

Brake – air

  • Compressor assembly
  • Brake foot valve assembly
  • Brake foot valve repair kit
  • Treadle rubber
  • Brake chamber
  • Brake chamber repair kit & diaphragm
  • Air master assembly
  • Air master repair kit
  • Brake shoe anchor pin
  • Brake shoe bush
  • Brake shoe roller (& oversize)
  • Brake shoe roller pin & cir clip
  • Brake shoe return spring
  • Relay valve
  • Air control valve
  • Safety valve
  • Check valve
  • Drain cock & tap
  • S camshaft & bush, seals, components
  • Slack adjuster
  • Air dryer repair kit
  • Air mist repair kit & cartridge

For the best range of truck brake parts see the team at Tony’s Truck Parts Townsville. Call now on 0747793822 or 0744487620.

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