Air valves to suit most trucks and trailers.

Especially when loaded your trailer brakes are an essential part of your stopping power.  Air valves from Tony’s Truck Parts will have your trailer stopping safely and reliably.  We carry a large range of valves to suit most trucks so yours is probably right here under the counter.

We keep most truck air valve parts in stock so they are ready when you need to replace them.  Governors, check valves and relay valves are just some of our large stock range we keep here for when you need them.  If you need something let us know the year, make, model and VIN and we will have the parts you need on the counter or on their way with the courier.  If you are not sure we have what you need just ask.  If we don’t have we can get it for you, and fast too.  With 26+ years in the industry we know where to get great products and quickly get you back on the road.

Our stock

Our commonly stocked items include:

Governors & Drain Valves

D2   Governor valve 105-125psi

DV2  Automatic Drain valve 1/4″ male

1421-60  Manual Drain valve

Safety Valves

ST3  Safety valve 1/4″ 150psi

Check Valves

SC3 1/4  Check valve 1/4″ M+F

SC3 3/8  Check valve 3/8″ M+F

SC3 1/2  Check valve 1/2″ M+F

DC-4      Double Check valve 3/8″ ports

Quick Release Valves

QR1  Quick Release valve 3/8″ supply

QR2  Quick Release valve 1/2″ supply

LQ2  Limiting Quick Release valve 3/8″ ports

Relay Valves

R6  Relay valve

R6 KIT  Repair kit for R6 relay valve

RE6  Relay valve 3/8″ ports

RE6 KIT  Repair kit for RE6 relay valve

R8  Relay valve

R8 KIT  Repair kit for R8 relay valve

R8P  Pilot Relay valve

R8P KIT  Repair kit for R8P Pilot Relay valve

R12  Relay valve

R12H  Relay valve horizontal

R12P  Pilot Relay valve

R12 KIT  Repair kit for R12 relay valves

R14  Relay valve

R14H   Relay valve horizontal

WV9120T  Relay valve Wabco

110139  Service Relay valve  Sealco

110360  Service Relay valve  Sealco  2 Delivery ports

110380  Service Relay valve  Sealco  4 delivery ports

CA47  Relay valve  PBR 6 port

CA48  Relay valve  PBR 6 port

110903  Relay valve

Spring brake Valves

R7  Modulating valve

R7 KIT  Repair kit for R7 Modulating valve

SR1  Truck Spring brake valve 55psi reservoir trip pressure

SR2  Trailer Spring brake valve. No check valve in mounting nipple

SR3  Trailer Spring brake valve. With check valve ball in mounting nipple

SR38  Trailer Spring brake valve. ADR38/02 compliant. Can replace SR3 valves

SR2/3 KIT  Repair kit for SR2 SR3 valves

110270  Spring brake control valve    Sealco

Pressure Protection Valves

PR2  Pressure protection valve 65psi

PR3  Pressure protection valve 60psi. Non adjustable

RV1  Pressure reducing valve

Foot Valves

E3  Basic Foot valve

E3 KIT  Repair kit for E3 Basic Foot valve

E6  Basic Foot valve incl studs and nuts

E6 KIT  Repair kit for E6 Basic Foot valve

Trailer Hand Control Valve

TC2  Trailer Hand Control valve

Dash Valves

PP1  Dash valve 40psi with button

PP1 KIT  Repair kit for PP1 Dash valve

PP2  Dash valve with button

PP2 KIT  Repair kit for PP2 Dash valve

PP3  Dash valve

PP3 KIT  Repair kit for PP3 Dash valve

PP7  Dash valve with button

KN20001  Dash toggle valve

TH3  Dash valve

TC4  Modulating Control valve

99600BL  Dash valve

Tractor Protection Valves

TP3  Tractor Protection valve 1/2″ ports

TP5  Tractor Protection valve


TR3  Inversion valve 42-52psi

SV1  Synchro valve

SL4  Stop Light switch

LP3  Low Pressure Indicator switch

Brake Chambers & Spring Brakes

T12  Type 12 Brake chamber

T16  Type 16  Brake chamber

T20  Type 20  Brake chamber

T24  Type 24 Brake chamber

T30  Type 30 Brake chamber

T2424  Type 2424 Spring brake

T2430  Type 2430 Spring brake

T3030  Type 3030 Spring brake

T3636  Type 3636 Spring brake

Reliable air valves for your trailer brakes are essential and in stock at Tony’s Truck Parts Townsville. Call now on 0747793822 or 0744487620.

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